Spot-X Marlin Trip 3/3/20

The Gold Coast this year has been an extraordinary Marlin season with spot-x being the place to be with live baits.

The Trip

Neil called me late Sunday afternoon and said the weather looks good for Monday so I said how about live baiting spot-x. Seeing we haven’t had a chance to chase Marlin so far this season. We met at Loders creek at 5am Monday morning and started our 1 hr long trip towards spot-x. Once we hit the bait grounds we were a little surprised on how choppy it was (15 kt SE wind). We arrived at spot-x at 6:45 am and already had 9 boats fishing around the only bait school we could find, and to our surprise it was Yakkas! No slimies, we thought this is going to be a terrible day.

The Fishing Starts.

Anyway we joined into the drift pattern and put two Yakkas out, one deep and one shallow. After two hours of not turning a reel and watching another boat hook three blacks in a row I decided to try an old trick which was to put the boat into and out of gear and basically slow trolled the baits along the edge of the main bait school. This worked and within 5 mins we had our first hook up of the day. We continued this for a few hours and ended up landing 1 from 5 black marlin, 1 six foot Whaler Shark and a 23kg Cobia. All in all a fun day out.

Videos on how to make and bait up the rig.

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