Snapper Trip 3/9/20

Graeme called me at 7:00 am for a late morning Snapper fish. The time we got out to the 24 fathom line east of the seaway it was 8:30 am. We set out our first baits (Pilchards) on our Float lining rigs and to our surprise the Squire (small Snapper) were thick. The current was around 1 knot to the south, the water was murky green at 22.c. We were float lining with a size 2 ball sinker, 30 pound leader with the head half of a Pilchard on a pair of 5/0 octopus snelled hooks. For some reason the Squire were on the chew, we had our bag limit in no time so we spent the rest of the morning catching and releasing Squire. We called it quits at 12:00 pm and ended up with about 30 Squire ranging from 40 to 65 cm. Great fun morning on the east 24 fathom line. I did also try out a new micro jig with some success. This was the morning after a full moon.

My special Float line rig.

This Floatlining rig is made with 30 pound fluro carbon and yes I do run a lumo tube between the hooks for two reasons. 1st reason is to protect the line between the hooks and the second reason is that Snapper respond well to lumo.

The gear to make the rig.

5/0 octopus hooks

Lumo tube and beads

Small ball sinkers (size 1 or 2)

Video on how to make my special Snapper rig.

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