Late Afternoon Flathead Trip 23/8/20.

A mate and I decided to go for a late arvo Flathead fish around the Broadwater. We left Paradise Point boat ramp at 1:00 pm and our first stop was the Aldershots, we thought this would be a good place to start as it
was high water and we could sneak around the shallow banks casting our big hardbody lures. After 1 1/2 hours with no hits and no sign of any fish of any size we decided to troll Micro mullets around the shallow channels to try to catch our first fish of the day no matter what size. We only had one half hearted hit while trolling. Next stop was Wasp creek and this is where we saw our first and only decent fish for the day, Tony started casting a Zman in motoroil colour around the point of wasp creek and hooked himself a good fish at around 65cm only to pull the hooks at the boat, while I was still casting big hardbodys to no avail.

Only A Couple Of Spots Left To Try.

Our next stop was the mouth of browns inlet and the only reason we tried here was because Tony caught a dozen fish to 70cm only a couple of days before. As the tide dropped we worked along the edges casting a variety of soft plastics with not a single hit. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON TODAY? We cannot find a fish anywhere. So we decided to try a little spot of mine at Crab Island were I usually find a couple of fish before the tide gets to low! When we arrived at the spot on Crab we saw that the place was covered in Snot weed, WHAT the hell do we do now!!

Last Stop.

One more try on the way back to the boat ramp, we decided to fish the banks at the mouth of the Coomera river. We drifted around the edges for around 45 minutes casting plastics and large hardbodys and once again no hits.
Well thats how fishing goes some days. Try again next week.

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