Kayak Fishing For Flathead 31/3/20

I woke up at 6 am this morning and thought it looks good for a morning Kayak fish and I have been hearing of a few Flathead showing up on the flats so I thought why not! High water was around midday so I loaded the yak onto the car and headed to a little spot near Runaway Bay. After I unloaded the yak and paddled out to my fishing grounds it was around 7:30am.

Time To Start Trolling.

While the tide was low the main channel was only 2 + metres deep and a perfect depth to try out our new lures which are small deep diving and perfect for chasing flatties in deeper channels. So I put out a green fire tiger colour and started trolling along the edge and within minutes I hooked up to a small fish around 20 minutes later I caught another small fish and I was sick of paddling so I decided to just drift and cast this lure. I did have a couple of half hearted hits and that was it.
The tide still wasn’t high enough for the big lures so I just went for a slow easy paddle around the flats to see if I could see any flatty lies, No luck there either.

Big Lure Time.

I headed to a little spot that was only a foot and a half deep with thick weed beds and sandy patches in between. Every cast I was getting weed on the hooks and this was driving me mad until I hooked up to a nice little 51 cm fish. I decided to perservere here and with in ten minutes I got hit again and this felt like a nice fish, as it went past the kayak I saw a good fish in the 60cm range then the bloody hooks pulled! Anyway I paddled back out to do that drift again and I decided to change colour as the water was starting to clear up and the sun started poking through the clouds. I changed to a silver lure with a brownish back.

The New Colour Worked.

Around my third cast I got hit hard and my first thought was I jagged a bloody Stingray but I was wrong after a few seconds in this shallow water I saw a cracker of a Flathead go past the Kayak and I was on to a great fish. After a few minutes I had a 79cm Flathead on the Yak and thought to myself what a cracker of a start to the Flathead season. After this fish I thought about going home knowing it is very un likely to catch two big fish in the same area but something told me to cast again so I did and guess what!
I was hooked up again to another nice fish. This one only went 63cm but still a nice fish. They seem to be coming on the bite but I have had my fun and decided to leave them alone until another day.

Twitching big hardbody lures in shallow water is a lot of fun. Give it a go you might be surprised at what you catch!

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