With my boat back in working order I decided to take it for a run up to the Pin yesterday (Mon 15/06/20) to fish the last of the runout and low tide at 9:30am. It was an interesting run to the Pin in the morning as we went past Couran Cove a thick fog set in and it was a slow trip up following the GPS. When we finally arrived at the Pin the fog was thick and we decided to drift along the flats at Crusoe Island which ended up being a good start to the day as we were drifting along through the fog we ended up catching 4 fish in there 50s on the 14cm hardbodys and thought this is going to be a good day.


When the fishing at Crusoe slowed we went to the Lagoon on South Straddie and the water was a lot lower than we expected but we perservered in the lagoon and landed another 3 fish in the their 40s and by this time it was around 8:30am and the fog was starting to clear. Our next stop was back at Crusoe Island but a bit further west we thought we would try some deep water fishing along the mud banks that drop off to 5 metres we tried drifting along working the deepwater with plastics for around half hour with out even a touch.

Things were not looking good.

Our next stop was the mouth of Whalleys Gutter and by now the tide has really slowed down and we drifted all around the mouth casting shallow running hardbodys in the shallows and plastics around the channels with no success not even a bump. We put the slow fishing down to low tide (No run).

Next stop was the mouth of Tipplers channel casting soft plastics around the deeper water looking for any fish while we waited for the tide to get some flow in it! While casting blindly around the channel Steve landed one undersized fish and I missed a couple of hits and as the tide started moving we started to get a lot of hits but we could not get any solid hook ups!! We kept trying for about an hour only to land 2 flathead out of 30+ hits. WHAT THE HELL!!!

These fish were only grabbing the tails and letting go after a few seconds. This drove us nuts.

Time to start heading back.

We decided to start heading home and stopping at a few places for a quick cast as we were heading that way. Our next stop was at the flats to the south of Coomera river north arm, we ended up getting a couple of half harted hits here and quickly moved to Browns for a look. Browns was also very quiet. One more spot to try and that was Perrys bank. Once again we ended up casting the 14cm hardbodys around Perrys bank only to find two more Flathead in their 40s and that was enough for the day.

Final tally was 11 Flathead landed

Around 30 missed

1 Sting ray

1 Pike

1 Trevally.

Three Flathead caught and around 25 missed on plastics.

Everything else caught on the 14cm shallow running hardbodys.

I hope next week we can land a few more.

A nice 78cm Dusky.
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