Early Morning Mackeral Trip 29/3/20

Graeme and I decided to leave Loders creek boat ramp at 5:00am before all the traffic arrived. We headed out to the Aquarius just north of the seaway to get our bait knowing that most people will be on the 12 fathom reef just south of the seaway. To our surprise there was a bit of swell in the seaway and it was low tide, so I decided to wait just off the north wall of the seaway until I could see well enough to cross deadmans. At twilight we crossed the bar fairly easy and found some small yakkas on the wreck meanwhile another three boats showed up so we decided to try for Mackeral here.

Time to Start Fishing.

I rigged up some live Yakkas on my Live Bait rigs and slow trolled them around the wreck for about an hour until the fisheries boat turned up to check our safty equipment, no problems there. After the fisheries left we noticed the water was dirty and the current was going north (not a good current).I also told Graeme that I had not marked a fish on the sounder.

Time to move.

We decided to head out to the 16 fathom line east of the seaway, as we got about half way there we noticed that the water was nice and blue and 25.6c so I put out two live baits and Graeme put a dead bait on a paravane and we continued trolling to the reef. As we got to the 16 fathom reef we noticed around 20 boats anchored and trolling this patch so we decided to join in. While we were trolling around we saw two anchored boats catch a Spottie each and with no luck trolling we anchored on the Northern end of the reef and set out 4 live baits 2 on the surface and 2 near the bottom while float lining some pilchards. After about an hour we had a hit on a deep bait and missed it, only getting the head back. By this stage the SE wind was around 15knts with a metre + of swell, so we decided to troll some lures back to the seaway (no luck). Time to head home.

Should Have Stayed In The Seaway.

When I got home a good mate of mine that loves fishing the seaway for Jewies, Tailor, Kingfish, etc, sent me some pics of what he caught in the seaway this morning on soft plastics. I could not bloody believe it, he caught a 14 kg Spanish Mackeral on a soft plastic while chasing Jewies! Bloody tin arse!

Try again next week. Thats Fishing!

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