Awesome Catch.

Last minute decision as I had finished work early and the weather, tides, surf gutters were perfect for a quick fish. I headed home grabbed my 14 foot surf rod with its new reel that had been freshly respooled with 300 metres of a thin 15kg braid.
I rigged up the rod with a running sinker rig with a short 2 foot 30 pound flurocarbon leader and a set of 4/0 ganged hooks, I grabbed only 7 big Pilchards out of the freezer as I was not planning on spending long down on the beach as I had things to do later on that night. I headed down to a large gutter off main beach just before dark, picked a deeper part of the gutter I was hoping some big Tailor or even better a Jewie might be sitting in.

Started losing Baits.

I lost two baits in the first half an hour and the third bait ended up being a small shark. Now being high tide and twilight I threw out the fourth bait and a short time after my reel started screaming, after a solid strike I was
on to something big. My first thought was a large Jewie but the fight didn’t seem right for a Jewie and I thought crap a fair sized shark but it wasn’t behaving like a shark either! This thing was doing screaming runs and by now it was 200 meters down the beach and I was going for a walk and it was getting dark. A short time later I had it beat, still not sure what I had and it was dark now so I had to take it easy and be careful bringing it in. Once I managed to get the right wave to wash it up the beach I nearly fell over when I saw what I had just caught. To my surprise I had just landed a Spanish Mackeral that went 15.6 kg on the scales and was just shy of 1.2 metres.
This is a fish I will never forget.I went home a happy man and I still had a couple of pillies left.

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