2020 Gold Coast Flatty Comp.

I just entered our team Toe Cutters into the comp today 15/9/20.
Graeme, Steve and I are teaming up for the first time and lets hope that between the three of us we can fish well in this two day
comp. I have fished the Classic before with Graeme and he done quiet well and I do Flathead fish alot with Steve and we seem to
do very well when fishing togther.

Pre Fish?

I am wondering if any of us will get a chance to pre fish over the next couple of weeks. All three of us are very busy and I am not
sure if anyone of us will get a chance to pre fish. I’m not even sure if its worth pre fishing as comp days always throws something
different at you. If I or any of my team mates go for a pre fish I will let you guys know on how we went.

What Lures to Use?

Next guess is on what lures to use and what out fits to take? Are we going to do some trolling, Are we going to be casting large
lures over the flats, Are we going to be deep water jigging or just back to basics casting different weighted soft plastics around?
What ever we do I will let you guys know.

My Lure Picks.

14cm Shallow running hardbodys (Cannot remember the brand name sorry.) Casting shallow banks.
Micro Mullets for trolling.
Pig Lures for trolling.
5 inch Atomic Grub Tail plastics for casting channels and edges.

My Outfits.

Trolling is a G-Loomis rod with a Daiwa pixy reel / 6lb outfit.

Heavy Soft Plastic casting is a Daiwa Black Label rod with a Daiwa Caldia reel / 8 lb outfit.

Large lure casting is a G-Loomis NRX 803 with a Daiwa Luvis reel / 10 lb outfit.

Light Soft Plastic casting is a G-Loomis Drop Shot rod with a Shimano Sustain reel / 6 lb outfit.

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